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Western Historical Adventure Author

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About the Author

I’m a man who loves plain things; a cup of strong coffee in the morning, a good book at noon and his wife’s embrace at night. I want to write stories that take you from the hand and show you what it meant to be someone who tried to make ends meet and find their own way in 19-century United States. I’ve been this someone for a long time in my life, always looking for my next gig after my parents’ sudden death, always finding new friends but somehow not being able to stick with ‘em. It’s easy to find quantity in your life but what about quality?

At the age of 50, and after my baby boy, Jeb, and my sweet daughter, Janette, went away to study East, with my sweet wife, Mrs. Maryanne Mc Crae, we moved back to my home town and my dad’s ranch close to the Rockies. After a series of health issues that have brought me even closer to our Lord, I’ve officially started writing those stories I always loved to read. I’m tending my land and animals now with the help of Maryanne, and I’m grateful for each day I get to walk on this world we call earth. As the saying goes, “Nature gave us all something to fall back on, and sooner or later we all land flat on it,” so I want to take care of it just the way it has taken care of my dad and mom, and my cousins.

My adventure stories are my legacy to my children and to all of the readers that will honor me by following my work. God bless you and your families and our land! Thank you.

Books by Zachary McCrae

March 23, 2023


Born to tame horses, now tasked to hunt killers. Can Frank catch the culprits and deliver justice for the innocent death of his favorite people?

March 12, 2023


In the West, men don’t always leave in peace. Some must fight tooth and nail to cleanse the land from injustice. Follow these righteous men on their way to serve justice and fight corruption, in a Thrilling and Epic Collection.

February 23, 2023


From the moment that he’d shown up as sheriff, Johnny Steele had been the perfect example of everything that a man should be – strong, confident, and always willing to help out those in need.”

January 25, 2023


Jeb didn’t want solace. He didn’t want peace. He wanted revenge. He wanted justice. That was the day something inside him broke, a part of him that he didn’t believe could be fixed. And most days, he didn’t care to fix it.

November 3, 2022


“As a man of the law, as a man who had seen what he’d seen, he knew what answer he’d give anyone else who asked him that question in that situation – but this is gonna be difficult for her to hear.”

September 8, 2022


“It’s one thing to bluff someone like me, but where we’re going, there are gonna be people looking to shoot first before you even get a chance to bluff.”

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