About US

We started our publishing journey back in 2017, and we’ve published over 260 books so far.

Our writers’ strong skills will capture your heart, while our expertise and continuous learning processes in the selected genres will please even the most demanding reader. You’ll fall in love with our attention to every detail, and you’ll not be able to put our books down!

In 2017, we started publishing our first book in the “Historical Christian Romance” genre, and we have been expanding ever since to satisfy a wider group of readers. Every new genre is a fascinating challenge!

So join us not to miss our upcoming best sellers!

Meet our team

Panagiotis Soultanos
Founder and Owner of Rubedia

One of my lifelong dreams is taking shape … but there was an unexpected twist – it wasn’t all roses. But, I guess being highly optimistic is a benefit when your goal is to improve the reading experience for thousands of readers – you don’t focus on the hardships but on the value you can provide! We have many more reader-centric ideas and projects coming up. Stay tuned!

Sophia N.
Sophia N.
Publishing Operations Manager

“There’s nothing better than vintage music, reading your favourite book and living in the mountains.”

I enjoy simple things like finding out a new favourite song and a sweet hug when you need it. I’m in love with the idea of discovering a book that speaks to you and only you. I love any folklore stories that hide underneath lakes and inside rivers. Life is short so I’ve decided to try and write as much as I can.

Being an editor has been a lifelong dream, an ideal achievement, and I’m glad I get to fulfil it for this team. Let me buy you a cup of hot coffee so we can talk a bit more! I expect you bring the cookies, alright?

Maria P.
Maria P.
Author Manager & Editor

Devoting to readers with an irrevocable and passionate love for fictional characters.  Between the book’s pages is my own cozy place I prefer to live.

Maria V.
Maria V.
Author Manager & Editor

My world revolves around the magic of words and stories. In my role, I’m here to support authors in crafting their tales and connecting with readers. Every day is an opportunity to explore new worlds, delve into the minds of diverse characters, and champion the voices that deserve to be heard. Together with my team, I embark on a literary adventure where every book is a new chapter in our shared journey. Join us in celebrating the beauty of storytelling and the profound impact it has on our lives!

Alexandros K.
Alexandros K.
Digital Marketer

An avid reader myself, getting lost in the pages of every good book that comes in my hands.
I am responsible for bringing these masterpieces in front of your eyes (well screens technically) in order for you too ,to get lost in the incredible stories!!

Maria C.
Maira C.
Designer / Illustrator

Books, music, art, and nature lover!

I like to create beautiful illustrations and interesting designs! As a visual artist, I want to find creative solutions that have a high visual impact. My responsibility is to create artworks that reflect each project’s ideas. My part is to give great service, good communication, and final professional work!

Meet our Authors