Ava Winters

Western Historical Romance Author

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About the Author

“Here is a lifelong bookworm, a devoted teacher and a mother of two boys. I also make mean sandwiches.”

If someone wanted to describe me in one sentence, that would be it. There has never been a greater joy in my life than spending time with children and seeing them grow up – all of my children, including the 23 little 9-year-olds that I currently teach. And I have not known such bliss than that of reading a good book.

As a Western Historical Romance writer, my passion has always been reading and writing romance novels. The historical part came after my studies as a teacher – I was mesmerized by the stories I heard, so much that I wanted to visit every place I learned about. And so I did, finding the love of my life along the way as I walked the paths of my characters.

Now, I’m a full-time elementary school teacher, a full-time mother of two wonderful boys and a full-time writer. Wondering how I manage all of them? I did, too, at first, but then I realized it’s because everything I do I love and I have the chance to share it with all of you.

And I would love to see you again in this small adventure of mine!

Books by Ava Winters

January 30, 2022


She’s a broken lost dove and he’s a scarred unbending rancher. When he finds her on his doorstep, he cannot know the danger she brings with her. Can they love each other despite all the reasons that might drive them apart?

October 31, 2021


She is determined to save her family at all costs. He is a man of few words, afraid to open his heart again. Even if theirs is not a match made in heaven, it’s one made at heart. Can they fight off their deepest fears and stay together against all odds?

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