Nora J. Callaway

Western Historical Romance Author

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About the Author

How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.” -Henry David Thoreau

I’m a lover of nature in the mornings and a writing soul at nights. My name is Nora J. Callaway and I come from Nevada, the beautiful Silver State.

I hold a BA in English Literature and an MA in Creative Writing. For years, I’ve wanted to get my stories out there, my own ‘babies’ as I like to call them, as inspired by my own experience leaving out West and my research of 19th-century American history.

All my life I have been breeding horses, cows and sheep and I’ve been tending to the land. It’s time to tend now to my inner need to grow my stories, my heart-warming Western romance stories, and share them with the rest of you!

I’m here to learn and connect with others who enjoy a cup of black coffee, a humble sunset and a ride with a horse! Bless your hearts, as my nana used to say! Come on, hope in!

Books by Nora J. Callaway

December 20, 2022


Three lonely mail-order brides follow their destiny by seeking refuge in the West. Life in the frontier is demanding though, and their cowboys have been hardened by the constant challenges. Will their brides’ love soften their hearts before they lose their only chance at happiness?

December 8, 2022


In his letters she discovers the man of her dreams but, when she meets him, his actions tell another story. His love for her runs deep, but he is terrified to reveal his feelings. Will they follow their hearts’ desire and kiss under the mistletoe?

July 6, 2022


Three adventurous brides, dare to take charge of their own lives and seek shelter in the West. But the greatest gift they discover at the end of their journey is unexpected love. Will the cowboys they have fallen for prove brave enough to love them and save them from danger?

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