"The Lawyer's Wild Case"

“A lot has happened here. But one thing that did not happen, was you shooting Roger Lecroix. If you trust me, I will keep you safe. If you don’t, my hands are as tied as yours shortly will be.”

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Zachary McCrae
Western Historical Adventure Author

4.9 out of 5 stars - GoodReads Reviews

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After a lonely bounty hunter life, Abe Dawson decides to become a lawyer and deliver justice in backwater villages that need the law. On a sunny day in 1868, the sheriff pays him a visit about a foul murder in the nearby saloon. He decides to investigate the dangerous clues and his life changes forever.

Fatal encounters, reckless gunfights, countless obstacles and a notorious saloon owner are looking to take down Abe Dawson and his mission of justice.


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