E.J. West

Western Historical Adventure Author

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About the Author

My writing is more than just stories—it’s a reflection of who I am, of the land that raised me and the woman who stole my heart. With each word, I pay homage to the rugged beauty of the American West, of my hometown and the spirit of the frontier that courses through my veins. This love has guided me throughout my life, despite the hardships I have encountered after my parents’ death. As a young man trying to make it into the world, Wild Western stories have always been the mentor I needed to choose the right path.

As my beloved children grew and forged their own paths, I found myself yearning to reconnect with my first love—writing. With my Tracie’s unwavering support, I dusted off my old notebooks and set pen to paper once again, weaving tales of cowboys and outlaws, love and loss, that echoed the rhythms of my own life.

As I grow older, I have been finding comfort in the simple pleasures of life. In my free time, you’ll often find me out on the trails, riding through the Montana wilderness, with my favorite horse Chad. Horses have been my companions since childhood, whenThere’s something about the open range—the smell of pine trees, the sound of a mountain stream—that soothes the soul and reminds me of what’s truly important in life.

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