Chloe Carley

Christian Historical Romance Author

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About the Author

“Once upon a time…”

…my best childhood nights had started with this beautiful phrase!

Ever since I can remember, I loved a good story!

All started thanks to my beloved grandfather! He used to read to my sister and me, stories of mighty princes and horrifying dragons! Even now, sometimes I miss those cold winters in front of the fireplace in my hometown, Texas!

My best stories though were the ones from the Bible! Such is the spiritual connection that a sense of warmth pass through my body every time I hear a biblical story!

My childhood memories were not all roses, but I knew He would always be there for me, my most robust shelter!

Years passed by, and little-Chloe grown up reading all kind of stories! It was no surprise that I had this urge to write my own stories, and share them with the word!

If I have a God’s purpose on Earth, I think it is to spread His love and wisdom, through my stories!

Books by Chloe Carley

May 26, 2024


No matter how deeply she touches me, I can’t offer more than this…

She’s a spirited woman, bringing chaos into my world…

I’m the rugged rancher who only wanted a mother for my children…

February 20, 2024


Join our three brave brides as they confront secrets, challenges, and the power of divine intervention in the pursuit of what we’re all looking for… enduring love and redemption. In this heartwarming collection, love knows no bounds, and faith becomes the anchor in the storm of life on the rugged frontier.

August 30, 2023


Embark on a journey of love and courage as three determined women stand by their husbands’ sides, weathering the challenges of the Western frontier with faith and resilience. Join them in this heartwarming collection, where love and devotion know no bounds. Follow their emotional journeys out West in this heartfelt and wholesome collection!

June 25, 2023


Divine whispers guide her toward an unexpected love. He finds redemption in her presence. Can their scarred hearts mend, allowing God to unite their lives in a bond stronger than any trial they face?

March 15, 2023


Three Christian women are fighting for life by a stranger’s side out West. Three Godsent survivors will do anything to protect their new home and cure their husband’s hearts. Follow their emotional journeys out West in this heartfelt and wholesome collection! It’s time to stay home and enjoy them!

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