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Riders of the Sunset

In the lawless West, three riders bring justice with blazing guns. No outlaw is safe. Follow their quest in this thrilling collection of justice, revenge, and redemption – a saga of the Wild West like no other.

Combined the three books have more than 2,500 positive reviews on Amazon and have been downloaded over 6,000 times!

#1 The Orphan’s Trail

Abandoned at a young age, sixteen-year-old Jack has always felt called to leave the Christian orphanage he grew up in and seek his origins. Armed with his wit, resourcefulness, and a small wagon, he and Naomi traverse the rugged terrain of the California Trail, encountering danger and obstacles at every turn. Will they find Jack’s family and overcome the dangers they face along the way?

#2 Red Dead Reckoning

In the wild and lawless land of Boise County, Sheriff Zeki Mitchell rides with a heart hardened by loss and vengeance. Determined to uncover the truth behind his father’s murder, he’ll stop at nothing to track down the man responsible. But when a courageous young woman named Annie enters his life, their shared quest for justice takes an unexpected turn. Will Sheriff Mitchell exact his revenge and find the answers he seeks?

#3 A Contract Signed in Red

In the turbulent wake of the Civil War, Thomas Lewis returns to his Nevada Ranch only to find his family ranch stolen by a deceitful tycoon wielding a suspicious contract. Haunted by personal loss, he seeks refuge in a neighboring village. Yet peace proves elusive when a mysterious woman, gun in hand and trailed by gang members, comes knocking. Will Thomas find justice for his stolen legacy?

Each book features a standalone, intense and raw story in the Old West.

Written by:

Western Historical Adventure Author

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3.9 out of 5 (84 ratings)

Books in this Collection

Here are my best selling books that I included in my Book Collection "Riders of the Sunset"!

The Orphan's Trail
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by Zachary McCrae

The Orphan's Trail
April 20, 2023


Red Dead Reckoning
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by Zachary McCrae

Red Dead Reckoning
June 15, 2023


A Contract Signed in Red
Zachary McCrae - profile image

by Zachary McCrae

A Contract Signed in Red
August 10, 2023


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