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Three Brides Bound by Love and Faith

The destinies of three resilient women weave with those of three ranchers yearning for redemption. Illuminated by God’s Light, their collective journey unfolds, and the transformative power of authentic love awaits its triumphant embrace.

Combined the three books have more than 500 positive reviews on Amazon and have been downloaded over 31,000 times!

If you love to read about adventurous women and the men who love them with inspirational endings, read on!

#1 Miracles in the Storm

Virginia’s world crumbles when her fiancé abandons her. Feeling forsaken, she takes a leap of faith and becomes a mail-order bride. Abraham, a widowed rancher burdened by past scars, yearns for companionship, and help to raise his young twins. Can they find the courage to embrace God’s plan and discover a love that transcends their pasts?

#2 The Librarian’s Mountain Miracle

Mary, a young librarian, leaves her town’s devastation and answers a governess ad. Earnest, haunted by his past, is startled when a baby resembling his lost brother appears abandoned on his doorstep. Placing an ad for a governess, he hopes to create a secure home for the child. As their paths intertwine, guided by divine intervention, will the power of their new family save them from the turmoil coming toward them?

#3 The True Eyes of His Soul

After losing her parents and religious grandmother, Rebecca responds to a mail-order bride ad to escape a dire situation. Daniel, a grumpy mountain man, loses his sight and faith in God after a ranch fire. Advised by a friend, he agrees to a marriage of convenience with Rebecca. As she helps him adapt, love blossoms, but they face challenges from a ruthless businessman seeking Daniel’s land, testing their journey with God’s guidance.

Each book features a standalone, clean inspirational romance. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a strong, sweet happily ever after.

Written by:

Christian Historical Romance Author


4.5 out of 5 (81 ratings)

Books in this Collection

Here are my best selling books that I included in my Book Collection "Three Brides Bound by Love and Faith"!

Miracles in the Storm
Olivia Haywood

by Olivia Haywood

Miracles in the Storm
June 11, 2023


The Librarian's Mountain Miracle
Olivia Haywood

by Olivia Haywood

The Librarian's Mountain Miracle
July 9, 2023


The True Eyes of His Soul
Olivia Haywood

by Olivia Haywood

The True Eyes of His Soul
January 22, 2023


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