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Three Brides Following God’s Plan

Three brave women will struggle to overcome their pasts with faith as their weapon. How challenging will it be for love to survive through the obstacles? They will come to understand that God makes better choices for us than we could have ever made for ourselves. Three of my best-selling Christian Historical Romance stories in a single Inspirational Collection! It’s time to stay home and enjoy them!

Combined the three books have more than 300 positive reviews on Amazon and have been downloaded over 27,000 times!

If you like an overlooked but determined heroine whose prayers guide her in the harsh Old West, and she experiences a heartfelt romance in an era that the Lord’s guidance is crucial, read on!

#1 An Uncommon Bride to Inspire his Faith

Olivia grew up with a Native American tribe, but she never forgot her Christian heritage. Adam is the marshal in town and he doesn’t agree with the Sheriff’s ways. Finding Olivia dressed in Native American attire charms him more than he could ever imagine, and he is determined to be her guardian angel. They are two wounded souls falling in love while fighting for the truth. God has already planned ahead for them, though. How can they listen to His calling when there are men who chase them away?

#2 A Miraculous Bride for His Suffering Heart

Hazel is a brave young teacher who desperately needs to find her purpose again after her husband’s death. Luther is a blacksmith with a haunted past struggling with his faith and taking care of his son after his wife loss. A stagecoach accident will bring them together, and they will come to realise that God works in mysterious ways, but His plan is always the most inspiring to follow. How can Luther and Hazel unite their hearts and triumph over darkness?

#3 A Merciful Bride for the Reclusive Rancher

Tabitha is a faithful young woman who has moved West with her family after her mother’s death. Caleb is a lonely rancher who wants nothing more than following his own way without his father’s influence. When Tabitha is saved by Caleb, she starts realizing God’s plan. How can she help him overcome his fear of not being a good enough man for her? From the beginning, it was God’s plan for the two to meet and fall in love. But when Tabitha’s family is in real danger, how can Tabitha and Caleb follow God’s holy path and safeguard their love?


Each book features a standalone, clean Western Historical Romance story.

Written by:

Christian Historical Romance Author


4.5 out of 5 (43 ratings)

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Olivia Haywood

by Olivia Haywood

An Uncommon Bride to Inspire his Faith
March 21, 2021


A Miraculous Bride for His Suffering Heart
Olivia Haywood

by Olivia Haywood

A Miraculous Bride for His Suffering Heart
April 18, 2021


A Merciful Bride for the Reclusive Rancher
Olivia Haywood

by Olivia Haywood

A Merciful Bride for the Reclusive Rancher
February 22, 2021


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