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Three Brides on their Western Fate of Love

Discover the intertwined fates and unexpected deals that shape the lives of three resilient women and their rugged cowboys. Journey through mail-order bride adventures, resolute choices, and heartwarming Western romances that will redefine the power of love and destiny!

Combined, the three books have more than 1600 positive reviews on Amazon and have been downloaded over 35,000 times!

If you love to read about romantic and empowering women and the men who love them in the Old West, read on!

#1 The Mountain Man’s Unexpected Baby

Cora’s fate changes with an arranged marriage, but she escapes as a mail-order bride to the Wild West. Richard seeks focus in work but a baby on his doorstep throws his plans into disarray. Now, he needs Cora’s help and promises a marriage of convenience. How will they honor their promise amidst peril?

#2 A Loving Bride to Pay His Debt

After losing her family, Caroline is left with her despicable uncle. She is a burden to him, so marrying her to one of his debtors and calling it even seems like the best deal for him. Alexander’s ordinary life is upended by a sudden proposal: to marry an unknown woman and save his family or drown in his father’s debts. Is love all they need to overcome their obstacles when Alexander’s dark past hunts them?

#3 Capturing the Rancher’s Wild Heart

Abbie’s father arranges a marriage with a landlord’s son in the name of a gold deal. But when Abbie witnesses her groom-to-be’s ruthless behavior, she flees to the unknown. When Richard comes across a beautiful woman injured in the pouring rain, he takes her in, little knowing that his life is about to change forever. Will their love be enough to overcome the challenges?


Each book features a standalone, clean Western Historical Romance story.

Written by:

Western Historical Romance Author


4.5 out of 5 (65 ratings)

Books in this Collection

Here are my best selling books that I included in my Book Collection "Three Brides on their Western Fate of Love"!

The Mountain Man's Unexpected Baby

by Lydia Olson

The Mountain Man's Unexpected Baby
March 12, 2023


A Loving Bride to Pay his Debt

by Lydia Olson

A Loving Bride to Pay his Debt
April 10, 2022


Capturing the Rancher's Wild Heart

by Lydia Olson

Capturing the Rancher's Wild Heart
May 7, 2023


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