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Three Faithful Heavenly Brides

Three women will become mail-order brides, and they’ll face a challenge worth overcoming… under God’s watch. How will their love endure Old West setbacks and can they realize that the good Lord really does work in mysterious ways? Three of my best-selling Christian Historical Romance stories in a single Inspirational Collection! It’s time to stay home and enjoy them!

Combined the three books have been downloaded over 35,000 times!

If you love to read about adventurous women and the men who love them with inspirational endings, read on!

#1 A Godsend Bride for the Lonesome Rancher

When Elise, a young and affectionate woman, left the orphanage she grew up unwillingly, and she became a mail-order bride in the Wild West. But she wasn’t expecting that looking after a ranch, and caring for a husband, who is constantly preoccupied with his work, are two obstacles she does not know how to overcome. But John, her new husband, soon realizes that Elise is the wife he never thought he would deserve. Now that awful rumors for his integrity are triggered, how can they trust in God’s plan when every day is a new challenge?

#2 The Sheriff’s Outcast Bride

Polly had a tough life growing up, losing her family at a young age and ending up working at the brothel for some time. Now, despite her lots of painful memories, she tries to take her life back and not be an outcast by taking part in church services while she is seeking redemption. When Shawn, the town’s determined and passionate new Sheriff, sees her caring character, he is drawn by her passion for helping others. But now the new people in town want Polly to leave! How can they trust God to stay together against those that wish to steal their happiness?

#3 A Love to Bridge Their Two Worlds

When Aiyana’s mother passes away, she is left all alone in her tribe to believe that Native Americans could get on well with the whites. A sudden event brings Evan, the town’s scarred doctor and recent widower, under her care. To nurture him back to health, Aiyana realizes that this man is more than meets the eye, and Evan will learn that God has given him a reason to believe that he can love and be loved again. Evan and Aiyana must move mountains to protect this unforgettable love, and God is always there to listen and watch them. How will they respond to His call of love and forgiveness?

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