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The Secrets of the Saved Brides

Three brides discovering true love due to divine intervention. Three of my best-selling Christian Historical Romance stories in a single Inspirational Collection!

Combined the three books have more than 900 positive reviews on Amazon and have been downloaded over 40,000 times!

If you love to read about adventurous women and the men who love them with inspirational endings, read on!

#1 A Debutante for the Rancher

Leonie Trowbridge is a beautiful young debutante who’s enjoying the glittering social season in London until an unexpected event sends her back in a Colorado ranch to meet her beloved brother and her sister-in-law. But when Leonie falls for a wealthy Englishman with dark secrets, only Jem McClary, a cowboy from the Circle T Ranch can save her. But how can she trust a cowboy and ignore her controlling aunt who has different plans for her?

#2 A Cowboy to Save Esmeralda

When Esmeralda DeSantos lost her parents and home in Denver, she thought she was left alone in the world – until her strange and silent aunt, Maria, sends for her. She thought that, in her current situation, she had lost all hope for love – but there she meets Will Parker, a dashing and daring cowboy who is more than delighted by her arrival. But when her aunt’s secrets come to light and two strange men appear on her doorstep, how is Will going to save her – especially when she has a secret of her own?

#3 The Secret of Her Guardian Sailor

Rachel Faulks is aboard The Emerald of the Empire seeking passage to the Americas with Noah serving as her new guardian. Upon their first meeting, it becomes apparent she is exactly the type of high society woman that Noah despises. But Rachel is not what she seems. Now that they have to fight for their lives, against criminals on the boat before reaching safely to the Americas, how can they work together? Can they trust each other, even now that their real characters are revealed?

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Christian Historical Romance Author


4.5 out of 5 (60 ratings)

Books in this Collection

Here are my best selling books that I included in my Book Collection "The Secrets of the Saved Brides"!

A Debutante for the Rancher - Chloe Carley
Chloe Carley

by Chloe Carley

A Debutante for the Rancher
March 5, 2018


A Cowboy to Save Esmeralda
Chloe Carley

by Chloe Carley

A Cowboy to Save Esmeralda
May 7, 2018


The Secret of Her Guardian Sailor
Chloe Carley

by Chloe Carley

The Secret of Her Guardian Sailor
January 3, 2019


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