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Three Uncommon Brides to Tame their Headstrong Ranchers

Three brides dare to dream of a better life. Three bold women travel out West to meet their new husbands. Will they find happiness in their uncharted hearts?

Combined, the three books have almost 1,100 positive reviews on Amazon and have been downloaded over 39,000 times!

If you love to read about adventurous women and the men who love them in the Old West, read on!

#1 The Rancher’s Secret Sweetheart Comes Back

Kitty’s life turned upside down the moment her father died. Left alone with her distant aunt, she was forced to work her fingers to the bone to please her. Now, an unexpected mail-order bride ad gets her back to her hometown and in the hands of Theo Blackburn, her secret childhood love. Theo’s carefree life broke down when he lost his mom and died. He had to pay off their debts by working long days in the ranch, and his mood for romance simply faded. Until his cousin Luke brings the only girl, he liked a lot to tease at school, Miss Kitty O’Clery. Theo and Kitty share a past, but they never thought they’d share a future. Will their slow-burn romance save them from vicious attacks and lies?

#2 Two Haunted Souls Tied by Destiny

Nellie has never met respect and dignity in her life. A twist of fate and a too greedy uncle, leave her stranded in a dangerous saloon until she finds a way to escape. However, seeking refuge in John’s ranch, terribly shaken and on the chase, is a challenge on its own. John has lost everything that mattered to him—including his past self. When he finds a frostbitten and exhausted woman in front of his ranch, a flame ignites in his heart. Nellie’s unresponsiveness is a test of his patience, and her mere presence gets under his skin. When dangers come closer though, will John and Nellie forgive themselves so that their love be spared?

#3 Learning to Love her Fearful Rancher

Penelope stopped believing in fairytales the day her sisters died. Now, with no one in the world but her young nephew and a mail-order bride ad, she makes haste to get married out West. Hunter has concluded that God has cursed him. After the death of his wife, he must take care of his baby girl while fixing a dying ranch. When grieving Penelope and her nephew come to the ranch, he sees through their eyes and understands their fear and pain for life. Building a home with a stranger takes time and dedication. Will Penelope and Hunter grow through their painful memories and let love’s buds flourish before darkness finds them again?

Written by:

Western Historical Romance Author


4.7 out of 5 (24 ratings)

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