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Three Mail-Order Brides Seeking a Purpose

Three star-crossed brides run away to find love and protection in the West. Three fearless women go after what their heart wants. Will they get the love they deserve though before it’s stolen from them?

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If you love to read about adventurous women and the men who love them in the Old West, read on!

#1 An Uninvited Bride on his Doorstep

Winona is about to get married when she witnesses an act of profound violence. An accident brings her to the Foley ranch which is led by the adamant Logan Foley and his recluse brothers. Logan has severed ties long ago with the community due to his parents’ death. God knows though that his ranch needs a woman’s touch. An unexpected game of fate brings the two together. However, can Winona and Logan love each other fully and freely when their past is catching up on them and threatening to tear them apart?

#2 The Proud Rancher’s Fearless Bride

Ada is a protective young woman who unexpectedly loses her parents. Along with her blind sister, they stay in a local women’s shelter, but it’s getting dangerous for them to stay there. She accepts a mail-order bride offer to fend for her sister’s needs. Noah is a proud and emotionally-guarded young rancher. He still hasn’t overcome the tragic death of his family. When he meets Ada, he starts seeing himself as her devoted husband and as a father to her sister. How can Noah and Ada devote themselves to each other and their new family when the circumstances drive them apart?

#3 The Scarred Rancher’s Unforgettable Bride

Sophie Fallon decides to become a mail-order bride as a promise to her now dead sister. She tries hard to keep up with the ranch and with her new husband, who seems to be more emotionally shut off than he would let her know when writing to her. Arthur Soul is a silent man who has been deprived of his family from a young age. Not only that, but the man who took away from him his family is still alive and well. So, he fears that his present with Sophie might be threatened now more than ever. How will they stand against this strong enemy when they have to first earn each other’s hearts?

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Western Historical Romance Author


4.6 out of 5 (3 ratings)

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