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Three Accidental Westward Brides

Is it possible to shape your destiny? How can you know which decisions impede or improve your life? These three brides are set on finding out. Three of my best-selling Western Historical Romance stories in a single Collection! It is time to stay home and enjoy them!

Combined, the three books have been downloaded over 32,000 times!

If you love to read about adventurous women and the men who love them in the Old West, read on!

#1 The Courageous Bride’s Unexpected Family

When the determined and beautiful Rosie Quin saw her one true love and savior leave their town, all her hope was lost, and now she has to ran away to save her life. Jeff Kiney has always been strong and kind. But when he lost his wife at childbirth, he thought his chance on love was lost too. How can Rosie be the blessing that Jeff was searching for and Jeff be the knight in shining armour that Rosie needed, while her past is coming for revenge?

#2 A Redeeming Love in the West

Having inherited her beloved uncle’s ranch in Nevada, Nelly agrees to the biggest challenge of her life, leaving behind London’s high society. But while she fights for her newly found freedom, facing all the difficulties to adjust in the Old West, an unexpected love is emerging. Louis having a deep secret, he keeps to himself, and this way, no one will ever get hurt again. Will they learn to trust each other and embrace their new life in the ranch?

#3 Switched Hearts

The fearless and beautiful Amanda Wright had always been against this arranged marriage her father wants to put her through. So, when she and her best friend, the lovely and charismatic Luisa Lopez, are sent to the McAdams estate, an idea pops in her mind. Amanda and Luisa switch places! As Luisa pretends to be Amanda, she finds herself falling for the kind and loyal Ian, while Amanda, pretending to be Luisa, falls for Ian’s best friend, Stefan Turner. Now the Wright and the McAdams families have declared war on each other, how can they win each other’s hearts back in the midst of the families’ bad blood?

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The Courageous Bride’s Unexpected Family
January 5, 2020


A Redeeming Love in the West

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A Redeeming Love in the West
May 23, 2020


Switched Hearts, by Ava Winters

by Ava Winters

Switched Hearts
December 8, 2019


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