"An Unwelcome Bride to Tame His Heart"

They just needed a marriage of convenience, thinking there isn’t a second chance at love for them. Will they manage to protect their new family when the past is chasing after them?

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Sally M Ross
Sally M. Ross
Western Historical Romance Author

4.7 out of 5 stars - GoodReads Reviews

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After her first husband’s death, Emily is forced to pay off the loan her husband took to build their house. The only solution is to become a mail-order bride and agree on a marriage of convenience. She is sure that her heart is shielded to love once and for all. But how can she pervert her feelings for blooming when she feels the butterflies in her stomach every time she sees Bernard?

Bernard lost his wife 3 years ago and isn’t thinking about moving on. His 4 years old son is a very distant and difficult child to deal with, so he closes himself to everyone around him. His sister-in-law puts a mail-order bride ad, without telling him, with only aim to help him rebuild his life. Bernard is pissed with her, but when he leads his eyes to the beautiful Emily, he feels his heart he forgot he has beating fast again. Will he let his past behind and build a bright new future with a family he deserves?

Two people that lost the love of their lives and believe that there is no second chance and love. Destiny proves them wrong! Will they manage to protect their newfound family when the enemies from the past are lurking for a mistake?


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