"Boston Bride Salvation"

Inspired by the biblical story of “David Among the Philistines”, a Christian Historical Romance story placed in Colorado in the year 1878! Will Fionna escape her abusive drunk ‘fiancé’?

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Chloe Carley
Christian Historical Romance Author

4.6 out of 5 stars - GoodReads Reviews

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Fiona Parker travels to Colorado as a mail order bride, but her dreams of a happy marriage are soon shattered. Her ‘fiancé’ is an abusive drunkard who imprisons her against her will, and she only escapes his clutches when the Cheyenne raid his ranch. The Cheyenne believe Fiona is good luck to them, and refuse to let her go.

But when the Cavalry comes to her rescue at last, Fiona finds herself at the mercy of the handsome captain who doesn’t believe a word of her story. When the two of them ride back to the angry Cheyenne, can they avert disaster–or will Fiona lose the brave young man she’s only just realized she loves?


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